I Asked Many Experienced Traders, To Givme A 10,000x Signal.They Told Me ‘NO SIGNAL’



$PLS saccers airdrop : 0 left


Those who sacrificed for PULSECHAIN are eligible for this airdrop. submit your PULSECHAIN sacrificed wallet address. First 500 submitters will receive 500 #NOSI NFT. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE.

$PLSX saccers airdrop : 0 LEFT


Those who sacrificed for PULSEX are eligible for this airdrop. submit your PULSEX sacrificed wallet address. First 500 submitters will receive 500 #NOSI NFT. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE.

$HEX holder airdrop : 0 left


300 #NOSI NFT for $HEX holders. Per wallet 1 #NOSI NFT. FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE.


#NOSI ecosystem , we’ll build them one by one


#NOSI NFT is our first phase. Which is a deflationary NFT project . #NOSI NFTs gives you unique shitty identity, free $NOSI tokens,NFTs etc. You should have #NOSI NFTs to build up proper #NOSI_TOWERTOWN and #NOSI_STATION. It’s the most important NFT in NOSIGNAL ecosystem. #NOSI PRE-SALE and PUBLIC SALE funds goes to buy $PLS-$PLSX staking. Revenue will be used to burn #NOSI NFTs. 5555 piece.


$NOSI token will be a deflationary meme token . $NOSI token will be our own marketplace and launchPADs native token. $NOSI tokens will be required to buy #NOSI ecosystems NFTs. 5% tax on buy-sell. 5% tax goes to treasury, 5% goes to buy $PLS-$PLSX staking. Staking revenue will be used to burn $NOSI token. $NOSI token burn never ends


#NOSI_TOWERTOWN NFTs is our second phase. Which is a ‘PUZZLE to EARN’ gaming NFT project. To transmit signals, we needs to build up towers. You should have 100 same categories #NOSI_TOWERTOWN NFTs to build up a proper tower. Tower builders starts earning revenues ,after building up at least 50% of a tower. Higher % higher revenue earns. 10,000 piece.


#NOSI will launch own NFT market place, where you will be to buy , sale, stake and rent all #NOSI ecosystems NFTs


#NOSI_STATION is our third phase. To build up a NOSI STATION, you should have some proper #NOSI_TOWERTOWN NFTs and #NOSI NFTs. #NOSI_STATION NFT holders will receive extra market place trading fees besides #NOSI_TOWERTOWN NFTs revenue.

#NOSI launchPAD

#NOSI_STATION NFT holders will get launchPAD allocations. NOSI STATION will be a launchPAD of NFTs and tokens




know about #nosi

Who We Are

we were best friends long before launching #NOSI. It’s a shitty project of 4 best friends. We all are day 1 #pulsican. And one of them early #HEXICAN, he made huge gains in HEX. We all turned interest on RH ecosystem, because of his success. We are trading Cryptos since last 5-7 years.

We realized there has an opportunity in the market for us. Coming up with some idea, we met up at a local bar and made a pact that we would all work hard to launch the #NOSI

Our Vision

#NOSI will continue to grow alongside the #pulsechain family. #NOSIans roots are deep, we shall never leave. We aim for excellence.

Our Mission

10000x BRRRRRRRRR!!! …..#NOSI is a DONKEY without ear, who doesn’t listen FUDs or any SIGNALs.


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